About Us

Hello! We’re GoCompared and our #1 concern is helping you save time and money, Our services are completely free to use because our money comes from our affiliate system providers when we direct you to them, Even better, it won’t affect how much you pay, You won’t find it cheaper by shopping direct – that’s a promise, Our aim always to help people make better-informed decisions when buying their items.

So chill – you can make an informed decision, fast, and get on with all the fun things you’re going to do today.

Please note

GoCompared is not a direct shop but, rather, a price comparison platform. Ordering of products is therefore not possible from GoCompared itself. Instead, products are ordered from the shops listed on this platform. Please contact the relevant shop directly to:

  • Check your order status
  • Make a complaint about an order
  • Request further details about a specific offer or service

Find the right price

We want all consumers to buy at the right price. That’s why we gather prices from all online shops that we know of. You can always trust that we show the lowest price at the top of our product pages since nobody can pay their way to a higher ranking in the price list.

  • A huge set of prices from a huge set of British retailers
  • Price history for every product – see if the price is good right now
  • Alerts when the price drops
  • Alerts when a shop gets a newly released product in stock
  • Shop and product reviews, written by other users

Even more advantages to our free membership

If you use GoCompared regularly, we recommend that you become a member. It’s free and it gives you a lot of advantages. For example, it’s easier to monitor price changes, write reviews, and save product lists.

  • Easier to set up and change price alerts
  • Save and sync your product lists
  • Write reviews on products

Make smarter purchase decisions with us!

Your personal data, privacy and security

We will never sell your data, ever.

We take your privacy seriously and follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your information as required by law. Our privacy statement provides full details.